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Outstanding breeder from the Painter Putterie lines, Blue Stallion is a grandson of the famous Blou Grootte, and has bred seven winners in three seasons. Photo: Courtesy of GJT Loft

The preservation of an efficient genetic heritage is obtained thanks to a specialized selection and a strict selection plan. While it is true that a non-performing sibling of a super runner is sometimes the best breeder, this is an exception and one cannot formulate a long term breeding plan on such exceptions.

If a non-performer turns out to be a good breeder, make the most of it. But regular performance testing in strong competition should be at the heart of your breeding plan. Research has shown that many famous lofts around the world have been based on a single dominant male or female. The first step to long term success in preserving a gene pool is to breed super breeders to super runners.

New arrivals: necessary care
New introductions should be handled with caution and the progeny should be tested to ensure they are of the same quality as the original stock. But beware of impressive pedigrees which do not show a “tradition” of top performance from generation to generation. New introductions are often mated to the best breeders for quick results. This method relies on the inheritance of a pigeon that you know can produce the goods. If not, you might have to experiment with different matches.

Super pair
For an example of what a superior match can produce, we don’t need to look any further than the Lockies, as they are called. The awesome pair here were:

  • The Egg Cock, offspring of the legendary Blou Grootte, with a longer wing and wider flights, and a larger than average body.
  • The inbred falcon hen, which had the typical characteristics of Tom Lock’s “Hawks”. On the Out of Africa Lofts website (, one hobbyist described them as “the last four primary flaps allowing the passage of wind in flight, and a shorter, smaller body about the size of ‘an Apple”.

The rooster egg was inbred by Toppie Jansen to his famous hen Toppie, and given to Tom Lock as an egg. As Stear Painter points out, the family produced numerous winners for Out of Africa Lofts, Leon Wolmarans, Coenie Hattingh, Deon Jooste, Josh Joubert and others.

Highlights of the race
Egbert O’Kelly of Out Of Africa Lofts says he also had success with the cross offspring of the R80,000 pair crossed with the Sierens R50,000 sire Andre and the Bak 17 line. This produced three Ace pigeons in 2012 The SANPO short distance and all distance gold medalist in 2012, Blue Cock (ZA 23761-10), owned by the Jooste & Joubert partnership, also won the best coefficient calculation known in the South African pigeon. racing history.

The offspring of two super pigeons named Ogies and Gertjie, grandsons of the original hen Tom Lock, Coenie Hattingh achieved the best results in Bloemfontein and the One-Day Lofts, as well as in the silver races.

Other performance highlights include:

  • 31st in SAMDPR; 2nd South African pigeon.
  • 19th in the Allflight CC main race.
  • 4th in the East London Border Lofts Main Race.

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