41 Nail Art Ideas for Valentine’s Day in 2022 – See Pictures

Got a lot of leftover red nail polish from the holiday season? Good news: you can use it to Valentine’s day nail art. The color is classic all year round, of course, but with love in the air and hearts serving as the main symbol of the sweetest day of the year, red is the official color of Valentine’s Day and , therefore, a solid choice to celebrate via manicure. (In fact, it was a challenge to find a Valentine’s Day-inspired nail art that does not have wear red or pink, but don’t worry; we did – goths deserve to celebrate love, too.)

When we say Valentine’s Day red or pink nails are a solid choice, that doesn’t mean you should stick to a solid shade when doing your Cupid’s birthday nails. Turn these colors into heart shapes or French tips; add kiss prints or a loving Helga Pataki; use glitter or matte to symbolize your enthusiasm or understated acknowledgment of this holiday. These creative nail artists show their love with plain polishes or nail accessories such as crystals, jelly polish, gold leaf. J

The Valentine’s Day nail designs below aren’t just for loved ones; we also found festive inspiration for those who are heartbroken. Think melting hearts, broken hearts, and if you really want to get your feelings straight this holiday, Ghostface from Scream.

There are so many cute and clever nail art ideas out there – some pretty easy to DIY, and some you’ll probably want to capture and take to your favorite nail professional. We’ve rounded up some of the sweetest Valentine’s Day manicure ideas to inspire you to wear your heart on your nails. Keep scrolling to fall in love with some adorable Valentine’s Day nail art.

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