A Fall River police officer will remain at the treatment center

FALL RIVER — A Fall River police officer arrested twice this week and three times this year for assault and drunk driving has been ordered to stay at a drug treatment center after being deemed dangerous on Thursday .

Prosecutors had argued in court that Andrew Crook, a 48-year-old Somerset resident, should be held without bail following his third arrest in six weeks.

Crook had been placed on paid administrative leave by the Fall River Police Department after his arrest on Sunday for domestic assault, three days before he was also arrested and charged with drunk driving and open container violations on Wednesday.

He had already been arrested for domestic assault in late May.

The Bristol County District Attorney’s Office said Judge Kevin Finnerty deemed Crook dangerous in court Thursday, but ordered him to an inpatient treatment center instead of having him detained.

If Crook is released from the center before his cases are resolved, the office said, he will be fitted with a GPS monitoring device and confined to a relative’s home until his criminal cases are resolved.

Other conditions of his release include not using drugs or alcohol, not having any contact with the alleged victim and not possessing a firearm.

The prosecutor’s office said at around 10.30am on Sunday the father of the alleged victim told Somerset Police that his daughter had broken her foot due to an incident of domestic violence the day before.

Officers arrived at the house to find Crook outside the house, describing him as “seriously drunk” and noting that he then passed out on the front porch before being taken to Charlton Memorial Hospital.

Police say that when Crook was in hospital, the alleged victim said he broke her foot, kicked her and threatened to kill her.

He was formally charged with two counts of assaulting a family or household member and one count of threatening to commit a felony.

Crook was released on recognizance until Wednesday afternoon around 3:35 p.m. when he called 911 to report he had been involved in a car accident.

Officers arrived at the parking lot of the Riverview Inn and Suites on Route 103 to find Crook sitting in his car, which was rolling.

According to the prosecutor’s office, he underwent — and failed — multiple field sobriety tests.

Police said they also found several half-consumed alcoholic beverages in his car, the office said.

Crook was arrested and held overnight for arraignment on Thursday.

He is due back in court on July 22.

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