Clare Adamson MSP, Frodo and Sam

What are their names? Frodo and Sam

Raise? Labradors

Age? The two seven months

How long have you had them? Since December

Where did you get them? I have a friend who is a game warden who had put in a litter of his working dog, and because we knew him and where the dogs came from, we decided to get one. Well, initially only one; finished with two.

How did it happen? A bit of exuberance on our part, I think! Our other dog had died at 14 the year before and we always said we wanted to have another dog because as she got older I think she had less excitement and less movement because he didn’t there was no other dog to play with. We just thought, well, why not? Two can’t be worse than one, we thought.

How is it going? It’s going very well ! Everyone said Labradors would gnaw on your furniture, doors and everything. We lost a hat and a few socks, but nothing else. We had to build a fence around the vegetable garden because they eat everything.

What can they do? They both go to dog training and, curiously, my husband takes one dog and I take the other. My dog ​​was promoted last week to the next class, so he is doing great!

What do you like about them? Oh, they’re both such different characters. Sam is the smarter of the two, but he’s also very ‘what in the world?’ I should have called him Jerry Maguire – ‘show me the money!’ He is less likely to come when called and to be affectionate, much more aloof. And Frodo is just the opposite, always wants hugs, all the time.

What special talents do they have? Frodo threw one of his toys at a pigeon to try to get it to play with him.

What are their most annoying habits? Well, it’s probably my husband’s most annoying habit, but he left the curtains open the other day and they came up at dawn, a quarter past four, as soon as the sun went down. is lifted. If the blackout curtains aren’t closed, you’re early in the morning.

What’s the worst thing they’ve done? At Christmas, right after we got them, they ate all the Brussels sprouts.

Do you consider yourself a parent or owner of animals? pet parent

What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve bought for your dogs? Probably a new car to accommodate two labradors!

If you could be any animal, what would you be? I’m going to say this because I’m a champion of the species, the pearl-lined fritillary butterfly. It is very beautiful.

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