Inspirational Double Amputee Raises Over £ 1,000 With Santa Dash’s Bum Shuffle

VIDEO: INSPIRATION double amputee Jill Doran participated in the Warrington Disability Partnership’s ‘Santa Dash’, raising over £ 1,200 for charity – and became the latest recipient of a Warrington Worldwide Legacy Project.

As many Santas run or walk the 2 mile course at Walton Hall & Gardens, Jill, 59, a double above-knee amputee who has survived more than 40 surgeries and a heart attack, has does a “bum shuffle”.

Besides helping to raise funds for WDP, she also wanted to raise awareness and fundraise for Dog AID (assistance to people with disabilities) who has been her savior not only physically but also mentally.

Jill explained, “When I was 15 I was diagnosed with Charcot Marie Tooth disease which I have been told affects the lower half of your legs by the death of nerves preventing the muscles from breaking down. function. Many years later, I realized he was doing so much more than that.

“Fast forward to 2007 and many surgeries, my legs had become so altered and painful that I was offered two options, the fusion of my right leg or the above-knee amputation. I went for the first option and a full length metal rod was inserted through the bones from my ankle to my pelvis, it was impossible to live with so I went for the second amputation option above the knee in 2008 – the best decision ever! I tried a prosthesis, I did physiotherapy twice a week for 7 years but it was not the case.

“During those years I got an Italian Spinone and took her to dog training classes where I met trainer Peta Brandwood who helped me train ‘Minnie’ in the basics. Several months later I got a call from Peta saying she had become a volunteer trainer for the Dog AID charity and had I heard of it? I had tried years earlier to participate in their project with my then chocolate Labrador, Murphy, but there were no coaches in the Northwest, so when Peta offered me this opportunity, I cried.

Dog AID, DA was established in 1992 to help people with physical disabilities, improving their quality of life by helping them train their own companion dogs to help them with daily chores and, in some circumstances, life-saving interventions. DA assigns a trainer to clients to help them and give them the tools to train their own companion dog, workshops are held twice a year at Stoke Mandeville.

Jill added: “There are 3 levels that you have to pass to become ADUK by an independent assessor, which is difficult, from your dog who is not phased by a pigeon to the most delicate tasks. My current service dog – Paddy will take out bank cards from machines etc. what is always a thief of spectacle in the stores! I have had Paddy since I was 12 weeks old. These trainers are volunteers, just as many staff and DAs depend on fundraising.

“In 2015 I had a left ankle fusion and a full jointed knee prosthesis again, it was not livable so in 2016 the left leg came loose, I went from 5f1 to 3f5, can you imagine what my BMI would be ??

“I am now losing the use of my hands and wrists and started with vocal cord paralysis. My disability has given me so many opportunities and I have met real, genuine people and my BFF Peta Brandwood, I wouldn’t change a thing. 42 surgeries and a heart attack later I’m here telling this story!

“Saturday I had my first boxing class and met Ricky Hatton and Sunday was the best day ever, butt hanging out in puddles and mud with my amazing husband Pete and my gorgeous black lab , Paddy I would be lost without them including my sons and certainly my mom – who has taken me to so many dates over the years, I draw my strength and stubbornness from her, thank you Mom!

Donations can still be made online CLICK HERE

Jill with Dave Thompson of WDP at Santa Dash – Photo John Hopkins

Note from Ed: After witnessing Jill’s inspiring efforts while attending Santa Dash as part of my ongoing charity challenge for WDP to celebrate her 30th birthday, I decided to award Jill the one of our Warrington Worldwide Legacy Project grants, in recognition of his outstanding achievements. .

Jill celebrates completing her challenge – Photo John Hopkins

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