IS assembles and executes boys for pigeon breeding in Iraq


Islamic State fighters in Iraq round up men raising pigeons in Iraq – an activity that was deemed un-Islamic by the group, The mirror reported.

Abu Abdullah, 52, spoke of the moment earlier this week when six gunmen broke into his home and took his 21-year-old son away.

The young boy was helping his family by increasing their income by selling pigeons.

This week alone, 15 boys and young men were arrested in the eastern province of Diyala for practicing the hobby, three of whom have already been executed.

Talk to NBC News, the devastated farmer said, “My son was standing next to me. I asked them why and they said, ‘he doesn’t follow true Islam, he must be punished for being a pigeon breeder. This habit prevents him from worshiping Allah. . ‘”

The pigeons were placed in sacks and burned before the young boy was taken away.

“I begged them again to know where they are taking him, what are they going to do with him. They said he was going to be taken to be tried under Islamic Sharia law,” Abdullah said, adding that “they pushed me and when my son tried to stop them from pushing me, they beat him. Then they put him in the car and left.

Fighters continued to round up boys aged 16 to 22 around the village and destroy their birds.

Security officials said the recent crackdown on bird keepers stemmed from ISIS’s need for new fighters to fight the Iraqi and Syrian governments.

The people mainly live off agriculture, but because of the fighting they are unable to sell what they cultivate, while some turn to breeding pigeons and doves, whether to run them, the eat or keep them as pets.

Extremists have targeted the hobby that was particularly popular among the middle and lower classes before the US invasion in 2003 and some clerics were also prompted to issue fatwas against bird breeders.

Abdullah concluded by saying: “We are helpless and desperate. I know they will kill him sooner or later. I am waiting for someone to tell me he was killed and the only thing I will do is take his body and bury it. “

Those who do not follow the harsh interpretation of Islam imposed by ISIS are often subjected to public executions.


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