Mwago FM tours Eastern Region as part of 10th anniversary celebrations

Mwago FM, owned by the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, offered its avid listeners a rare chance to rub shoulders with their favorite radio presenters.

The station which held a two-day road show in Tharaka Nithi and Meru counties is celebrating 10 years on the air as fans enjoy a brand that has seen phenomenal growth since its inception.

Indeed, the weekend proved to be memorable for radio enthusiasts in the Eastern Region of Kenya. Friday and Saturday offered locals the opportunity to interact with people they only got to know live.

The caravan first set up camp in Tharaka Nithi County where it meandered through Chuka, Kathuana, Chogoria, Marimanti and finally to Munkothimaa. The KBC radio station also celebrated its tenth anniversary at the Texas club in the town of Maua.

Day 2 of the roadshow saw the caravan travel to Meru County, criss-crossing areas such as Nkubu, Gakoromone, Ruiri, Kianjai, Kangeta, Mail tatu, Laare, Mutuati, Kiengu, and finally Maua town where it there was a cake cutting ceremony to mark the anniversary and symbolize a decade of success for the Mwago brotherhood.

The roadshow also allowed presenters and KBC officials to distribute prizes and branded merchandise, including t-shirts and reflectors, to fans.

The caravan was also full of entertainment as popular Kenyan musical artists graced the celebrations. Those featured on the tour include Fridah Mujundo, Florence Karani aka Gacina Village, and Kabau wa Sikukuu.

“As a musician, Mwago FM 97.5 roadshow does not collect money but opportunities to meet fans live instead of just listening to me on radio stations. It’s lucky because they will invite me to events for any upcoming live performance. Also, it creates a platform where as an artist I can record different musical songs depending on what they want to hear from me. Kabu wa Sikukuu addressed himself.

His sentiments resonated well with those of Kelvin Mwenda of Climaq Dance Unit who opined that “opportunities like this give us the experience to up the dance game, be confident and sell ourselves, it’s also a way of tourism visiting one place for the other supporting domestic tourism.

Fans have praised the efforts and achievements of the radio station over the past 10 years.

Mwago FM presenters, on the other hand, hailed the meeting and the great initiative of KBC Management, saying that this decision will help a lot to better understand their listeners’ preferences and make necessary improvements to their products.

Presenters on the road included Muthuri Mucee, Anita Kairuthi, Peninah Nkatha and Kaari Mung’ori. Reporters Ndereba Munene from Tharaka Nithi County, Muriki Wa Musa from Meru and Timothy Kipnusu (KBC Channel 1) were also part of the party.

“I appreciate everyone who came during the roadshow. We are here thanks to you. If you weren’t listening to Mwago FM, we wouldn’t be here. We promise better programs and content for Mwago FM as we expand the audience across the country, said KBC Brand Manager Alex Karega

Being an election year, the presenters took the opportunity to spread the message of peace. “Don’t be used by a politician to engage in violence or damage your neighbours’ property. Practice peace, love and unity. Muthuri Mucee, presenter of Mwago FM preached.

Tharaka Nithi is an agricultural county where watermelons, pigeon peas, millet, sorghum and sunflowers are doing so well in the region. Huge miraa/khat plantations are also a common feature.

The station manager says the tour has boosted the station’s presence, noting that it will help increase brand loyalty through presenter-listener interaction, boosting its visibility in hopes of attracting new listeners. .

“The station was launched in 2012 with an FM service frequency. Previously, it broadcast in AM service. The station started broadcasting as KBC Kimeru service. You can imagine that Mwago FM started with just three presenters. Anita Kairuthi aka Kairuu Wa Nyenyenye said the Mwago FM station chief.

About Mwago FM

Mwago FM is one of the main vernacular radio stations in the country, broadcasting in the Meru language.

Mwago FM programs are morning shows: 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. – GUGUKIA by Evans Bundi and Mukuru M’kwaria, mid-morning show from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.; TUKARIMIE by Kairuu wa Nyenyenye, Reggae show called REGGAE MASAA by Muthuri Mucee from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., drive show; NDINGA NACIO by Kaari Mung’ori from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. and evening radio show NOGOKA by Kathure Marete from 8 p.m. to midnight.

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