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Lee Welden, left, Stan Freeman, Larry Slack and Leon Freeman scrutinize the rings Thursday on the legs of their pigeons as they prepare to send them to Fort Worth, TX for the final race of the season for the ” old “birds. A computer records the numbers on the rings and places this information in a module, which is then used to track the return of the birds to their original loft.


The pigeons are returning from Fort Worth, Texas. The North Platte Flyers homing pigeon club is in the middle of the last “old” bird race of the season.

Club secretary Tim Behm said he had been flying for about eight years.

“I’m fairly new to this area,” Behm said. “My boy started with that, but of course he found cars and girls and left daddy with pigeons.”

Some members have been flying for 30 to 40 years and the club has fewer members than in previous years. The club is trying to get more people interested in the sport.

“All everyone has to do is call us,” Behm said. “We’re going to interview the person and see what their interests are, how much they want to get involved. “

The club has an additional loft which they use as a loan to start someone up. There is very little charge for a new flyer to try it out.

“The club will give you as many pigeons as you want,” Behm said. “We are always interested in more flyers. “

He said learning the basics of the hobby is pretty straightforward.

“Like any other hobby – like golf, when you need the latest Titleist rider – you can spend as much or as little as you want,” Behm said. “However, the only major expense is feeding the birds. Just like having a dog or a cat, you have to take care of it. “

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