Pigeon Racing is happening here in Texoma

(WICHITA FALLS) KFDX / KJTL— Well, you’ve heard of car racing, horse racing, and even dog racing. But have you ever heard of pigeon racing?

Yeah, that’s one thing, and it’s happening here in Texoma. Pigeon racing dates back to the 1930s here in Falls and the Williams’ said they were doing what they could to keep the tradition alive.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s still a bird. But not just any normal bird. These are called carrier pigeons.

“They are so different from the birds you find under a bridge, living downtown that the city still struggles with, and they really are a refined bird. The level of intelligence, Cornell University has been researching for years, trying to understand the research instincts of these birds, ”Williams said.

Meet DeWayne and David Williams, a father and son who have been racing pigeons most of their lives. You might wonder how you race a pigeon, well.

“They all came out at the same time and at the same time and they have a special chip on their bands on one of their leg. When the birds come home, they pass through an antenna and when they cross the antennae, that marks the time that this bird returned home, ”Williams said.

Dewayne Williams has been a pigeon fancier for over 65 years and has said he doesn’t plan to quit anytime soon, but when he does he’ll be happy to know his son will continue the tradition.

“Right now, it’s something we can do together, much like when we were kids. It’s one of the things that goes into your blood type hobby and it’s something that sticks to your skin, so I like that, ”Williams said.

Something that sticks to Williams, just like the feeling these birds get when they fly away knowing there is no place like home. Williams said the birds are currently in their breeding season, the racing season begins in September.

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