Pokémon Black and White: The funniest Pokémon

With each new region discovered, the Pokedex grows, bringing to life a whole generation of lovable Pokémon. But among our favorite cuties, like Pikachu and Eevee, and mighty gods, like MewTwo and Dialgia, there are the… other Pokémon. Those who got harassed in the tall grassand were probably crafted very late at night by a desperate animator who hoped no one would look too closely.

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Pokemon Black and White’s Unova region has its fair share of absolutely baffling and hilarious designs that make you wonder how any of the professors take them seriously enough to study them.

ten Stoutland (Normal)

Funny and adorable often go hand in hand, and that goes double for the mustachioed giant dog Pokémon. His Lillipup and Herdier pre-evolutions are basically just burrows that most players will encounter early in the game, even in Striaton’s first Gym. But out of nowhere, he grows to the size of a horse, and his pretty whiskers grow two meters long, trailing behind him in the wind.

It’s worth catching and training the first Lillipup you encounter in the tall grass, just so later in the game you can crack a gigantic living carpet that likes to give kisses.


9 Musharna (psychic)Munna and Musharna Pokemon Go Psychic Type

Known as the dream-eating Pokemon, it might be the cutest thing to ever earn that title. Musharna looks like a cross between dolphins and tapirs, and the hallucinating gas could be mistaken for outer intestines. It evolves from Munna which is no less funny and looks like a child’s toy covered with flower sticky stickers. Both fly, producing Dream Mist and looking vaguely threatening.

In the Dreamyard, the player will encounter a cutscene featuring Team Plasma and a Munna, but if you hang around long enough, you can grab your own, if you think it’s worth the nightmares.

8 Sigilyph (psychic flight)Sigilyph Pokemon Go Flying Psychic Type Unova Region

Sigilyph is another contender for the odd-looking Pokemon with seemingly missing features. You might mistake its body for its head, as it features two blind eye patches, but the real eye is between the wings on what could be an Unown.

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This Pokémon is based on ancient geographical drawings in the desert sands of Peru, a cool concept but oddly executed. Designers have somehow transformed the Nazca lines into a creature children can fight with, but its tiny trident arms and lack of a mouth secure Sigilyphus a place among the funniest Pokemon in the Unova region.

7 Reuniclus (Psychic)Reuniclus pokemon Anime Psychic Type Unova Region

It’s the Pokemon that multiplies, whatever that means, and it’s covered in green slime that forms a bigger body than it can control. The pale little body in the middle isn’t that weird, but with the floating orbs that make up the skeleton of its elongated appendagesthe Reuniclus is a very fun little creature.

Instead of using their psychic abilities to fight fighters like most psychic-types, the Reuniclus and its pre-evolutions use their minds to control giant club hands that grind enemies to dust. How can something so cute be so full of rage? People who drink green paste are said to gain wisdom beyond their years, then die immediately because it’s incredibly toxic.

6 Garbodor (Poison)Garbodor Pokemon Anime Poison Type Unova Region

This guy became a bit of a meme right off the bat, with Trubbish and Vanilluxe being very low effort and lazy. Fans angrily pointed out that they simply brought inert objects to life instead of intricate designs from the early days of Pokemonlike Pidgey (a pigeon) or Ekans (serpent spelled backwards).

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Garbodor looks perpetually surprised to be alive, as if a pile of garbage really remained so long that it became sensitive. He certainly won’t win any beauty contests, which sounds positively tacky, but there’s a certain charm to Garbodor and Trubbish. Even perfect video game worlds have trash cans, of course.

5 Cryogonal (Ice)Cryogonal Pokemon In The Sky Anime Unova Region Black and White Ice

Cryogonal might be the most angry, and therefore funniest, snowflake out there. These Pokémon turn to steam and evaporate when they get too hot, but reform when cooled, so logically they could end up in human drinking water sources during summer. Let it sink in.

Besides their bizarre chemistry, their eyes and mouth also glow behind the crystalline structure which is stuck in a menacing frown. The color scheme is metallic which makes them look more like an army of whimsical and wintry robots than animals that form in snow clouds.

4 Stunfisk (ground electric)Stunfisk Pokemon Black and White, Ground Electric Type Smiling Fish Anime

Stunfisk appears to be based on the actual stonefish, which looks like, you guessed it, stones and causes horrible pain in any foot that steps on it. They’re even known as Trap Pokémon, but instead of poisonous barbs penetrating your flesh, this happy little guy electrocutes his unsuspecting victims as they frolic in bodies of water.

The shape of the fish itself is pretty uninteresting, but it’s the blank staring eyes and a vacant smile that suggest it’s awfully happy to see you suffer that grabs us. It will mercilessly kill any aquatic Pokémon living nearby if someone accidentally touches it. But what a stupid smile he has!

3 Tornado (flying) / Thundurus (electric flight) / Landorus (ground flight)Tornado Thundurus Pokemon Flying Electric Ground Type In The Sky Lightning

It’s time for more mustache Pokémon! These three have no legs between them and instead float on their cloudy bodies, looking like incredibly angry geniuses. Each has its own unique head-tail thing, covered in lumps that seem to have no purpose other than to look like very crispy mats.

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In Black 2 and White 2, when exposed to Reveal Glass, these three transform into their Therian forms, which might remind you of birds and cats with really fancy hair and purple bras, always sporting d impressive white mustaches. These forces of nature take themselves too seriously for their hilarious appearance.

2 Cubchoo (Ice cream)Pokemon Anime Cubchoo Crying Ice Bear in Unova Region

This little cutie is disarmingly sweet at first glance, but the consistency of his mucus is what determines how he behaves in battle, which is a fact that immediately reduces his charm. Cubchoo will constantly sniff his own snot which otherwise runs down his face. You can’t help but laugh at the otherwise innocent bear as its nose drips with raw ice power.

It will evolve into an intimidating bear beast, and the watery boogers will obviously have frozen into a rather fashionable pointed beard. Until then though, this very cold little one will continue to wipe his nose on the back of your pant leg.

1 Ferrothorn (steel grass)

Where to even begin with this thing? It’s the thorn pod Pokemon, and it’s another biological entity that’s somehow made of metal. With the three arms on the head, he can walk around, like a very spiky top that can also hug you.

The tips of their hand-feet can cling to the ceiling of caves and absorb nutrients from the rock. You wouldn’t want to look up in the dark and see those orange eyes staring at you, but when it looks like a trampled durian fruit, it’s hard not to laugh instead of running away.

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