The Melbourne Cup of Pigeon Racing is stolen and lost | The temperature

On Saturday August 7, the Southern Fleurieu Racing Pigeon Club (SFRPC) flew the second Olary race of the season, a distance of 390 kilometers.

This race was the club’s fundraiser or commonly known as the “Melbourne Cup of Pigeon Racing”.

Many birds have been praised by the public, but unfortunately there can only be one winner.

The race was won by Tex and Lola Jelfs’ partnership with their bird named ‘Cookie’.

“Cookie” had a fantastic run and was so happy to be home that she did a few winning circles from the loft before landing. A very arrogant pigeon.

The highly anticipated bird named ‘Hurtle’ who has been a regular participant in this race over the years was a bit lazy and returned later in the afternoon. “Hurtle” will come back big and better in 2022.

Four flyers sent 71 birds which were released at 8 a.m. along with 1165 carrier pigeons from Adelaide. The weather in Olary was fine with high light clouds and no wind.

En route, the birds encountered increasing southwest to west southwest winds of 14 km / h. The weather in Victor Harbor was covered in high cloud with a southwesterly wind of 17 km / h.

The first home pigeon was timed by Rhubarb Racing Loft at 2:20 p.m. with a flight time of 6:19:51 a.m. and a winning speed of 1043 meters per minute or 62 km / h.

Just behind, B. Lintern then E. Joy.

“The pigeon club would like to thank everyone who supported our club in this race,” said a spokesperson.

Next week’s race is from Glendamdo and is for young birds only.

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