WATCH: See guest says ‘Constitution is trash’

Speaking to ‘The View’, Elie Mystal claimed that “the Constitution is a kind of trash can”. He was talking to the hosts of “The View” about his new book, titled Allow Me to Reply: A Black Guy’s Guide to the Constitution.

“The constitution is a kind of garbage can,” Mystal said. “It was it was done by slavers and settlers and white people who are willing to do business with slavers and settlers.”

“So what I’m trying to do with this book is explain in simple terms what Republicans do to the law. Because I honestly believe that if everyone understood it, they would be as outraged as me about it, and they’d be willing to do something about it,” Mystal told the complacent ladies of “The View.”

“Listen people, the law is complicated. I’m not going to lie about it. But it’s not beyond the reach of most literate people, okay? It’s not about sending a rocket on Mars and land it just so you can read a lot who run the country and you can understand how the Republicans are all obviously trying to manipulate these laws To take away the rights of minorities, women, the LGBTQ community, you can see everything and I try to explain it in a way that people can understand so we can fight them,” Mystal said.

Sunny Hostin “loved the book so much,” she said. “The first chapter ‘Cancelling the trash cans is not a constitutional crisis.’ Chapter nine, ‘The Taking of the Dark Earth’ was another favorite of mine and ‘Reverse racism is not a thing.’ I just think it’s fantastic,” she said.

Ana Navarro was also a huge fan of the book proclaiming the United States Constitution to be “trash”, saying that as a Floridian, “I’m like ground zero of where all of this is happening”.

“I’m crazy about bills banning conversations about race, ethnicity and LGBTQ,” she said, “even mentioning gender identity in elementary schools, but some will say ‘D’ Okay, so you’re arguing for the rejection of the Constitution “Should the constitution be rejected? What do we do? Is it a living document? Is it an A, or is it a holy document?” asked Navaro.

“It’s certainly not sacred,” Mystal said of our founding document from which all other laws in the United States flow.

“The constitution is a kind of garbage can,” Mystal said. “And again, let’s just talk like adults for a second—”

“What did you say?” Joy Behar asked, “what is it?”

“It’s kind of trash,” Mystal said confidently. “It was it was done by slavers and settlers and white people who are willing to do business with slavers and settlers.”

“They didn’t ask anyone who looked like me what they thought of the Constitution and say, ‘Oh, Jim, come here. What do you think of this whole Constitution? “

Mystal then poked fun at the slaves of the 1700s. “‘Well, massa,'” he mimicked, “‘I really don’t like the way you sell my children. That King George, he must be stopped.'”

The ladies of “The View” laughed.

“‘Yeah, my grandpa used to say,'” Myustal continued with his impersonation, “‘there’s no taxation without massa representation.'”

“But that’s not what happened,” Mystal continued. “This document was written without the consent of the black and brown people of this country and without the consent of the women of this country.

“And I’m saying if that’s the starting point, the least we can do is ignore what these slavers and settlers and misogynists were thinking and interpret the Constitution in a way that makes sense to our modern world. That’s the starting line,” Mystal mentioned.

“Do you want to rewrite it?” Behar asked.

“I could!” said Mystal. “I could rewrite parts of it in a tweet, could I? For example, how about the popular election for president, people vote, not the land, term limits for the justice of Supreme Court. And how about no state’s rights to health care, elections, police and guns. That’s better. It’s just better, and you can do it in a tweet.

“Can’t the amendments help some of that?” Behar said, entertaining Mystal’s ideas.

“Here is the problem with the amendment process,” complained Mystal. “For American history, there have been 115 people authorized to interpret what the amendments mean. 108 of them have been white people. That’s a problem.” That they were white is all the evidence Mystal needed to say the Constitution amendment process is wrong

“Well, you sure are a compelling guest,” Behar said, pumping up his book again. “Fantastic.”

Mystal also had other odd views, like saying Republican congressmen should be arrested because of the Capitol riot on January 6, 2020, and asking the Justice Department to prosecute them as “kingpins of the insurrection”. He said they were “organizing white domestic terrorists”.

He was horrified by the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse, whose charges were thrown out when it was found he acted in self-defense by shooting three white men, killing two, during riots in Kenosha, Wisc. on August 25, 2020. Mystal called Rittenhouse a “murderous little white supremacist”, despite the acquittal.

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