Wetaskiwin County Council Meeting Highlights – The Pipestone Flyer

Wetaskiwin County Council met for its regular council meeting on October 12, 2021, the last before the municipal elections on Monday, October 18, 2021.

At this meeting, council made decisions regarding recreation and community services, public works and received quarterly reports from the Wetaskiwin, Thorsby and Breton RCMP.

Council approved a request from the Central Alberta Rescue Diving Society (CARDS) to donate the old Wetaskiwin Fire Department rescue truck to CARDS.

CARDS has worked closely with the South Pigeon Lake Fire Department and Mulhurst Bay Fire Department on search and rescue training, and as a volunteer organization, each diver foots the bill for their own equipment to perform recovery dives.

CARDS sent a request to the county asking for special consideration regarding the donation of the old rescue truck from the Wetaskiwin Fire Department, as the Wetaskiwin Fire Department received a new rescue truck in the summer of 2021. CARDS would use the retired truck as a command post for dive recovery. scenes where they could review the sonar images and discuss the strategy for their recovery dives. It would also provide storage space for the diver’s equipment and a place for them to take refuge given the stress of dive recoveries.

The Board approved the proposed new strategic and tactical planning structure to include:

• Goal;

• Level of service ;

• Board strategy;

• Tactical action;

• Operational task;

• And the task of the business plan.

Council received the quarterly report from Recreation and Community Services. The report said the county campgrounds had a surplus of $ 18,858, that the new Mulhurst Bay pay parking lot was successful in generating operating revenue and removing truck and boat trailers from residential streets, and the ice is in and ready to be used at the Winfield Arena.

The Council also received a quarterly report from the FCSS and the RCMPs of Wetaskiwin, Thorsby and Breton, which they both accepted for information.

In the Wetaskiwin RCMP’s quarterly update, council was informed that the total number of Criminal Code offenses from January to August 2021 was up 10% in Wetaskiwin from 2020, with an increase in crimes against people and crimes against property.

Thorsby / Breton RCMP reported that between April 2020 and June 2021, property crime increased by 31% and was primarily attributable to mischief (41%). There has also been a notable increase in arson.

Wetaskiwin County emergency services have reported their volume of fire calls in 2021 to date, which included:

• South Pigeon Lake-91 calls;

• Mulhurst Bay-46 calls;

• Buck Lake / Alder Flats – 69 calls;

• Wetaskiwin Rural – 61 calls;

• Millet East / West calls-49;

• And Winfield-39 calls.

The Council also asked the administration to improve the Range 11 road (Black Bull road). The council asked the administration to prepare a local improvement plan for a total of $ 2 million and use a combination of loans and grants totaling $ 4.62 million to build 6, 1 km from range 11 road south of 13 road in accordance with county pavement standards.

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