white hen

I unfortunately let go of my family of white racing pigeons,

With changing work commitments over the past year and a young family, I decided this was the best way for me to go.

Since 2014 I brought delbars, Logan’s and busschearts

I had a team for the release of doves and also sent pigeons to other lofts to race

We have had reported top places and many prize winners and have also heard fantastic breeding reports where whites have been crossed into their own families and produced winners

I won’t lie, I was brutal in the selection, I had so many stupid white pigeons it’s quite scary, but being tough in training and selection, the group I have here is made up of fantastic intelligent pigeons

These pigeons are good for racing and are good to use in releasing doves

I pretty much did the groundwork so you will get the final product in these birds

Here I have GB21 E 05245

Pure white hen, bred for stock, just another hen here, close family so her blood is well in step with the rest, (which is why she was bred for stock) what a start to owning pure whites than this either racing or dove release these birds have the brains, throughout dove release training the whites were training heavily in the use of release baskets they all had single releases until 50 miles north, east, south and west they’re really reliable

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